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Dr. Niranjan Dass MD

 DR Dass Graduated from a premium institute, called Christian Medical College Ludhiana. Dr. Dass’s interest in Medicine started in early childhood. incidentally, DR Dass suffered neurological complications from early childhood from vaccines that were supposed to protect children from disease.

His passion and zeal to learn never stopped during childhood and finally got trained to learn about vaccination and doing research in the field, and eventually give vaccines to his patient.  

Dr Dass Worked in ENT and allergy after graduating. DR Dass performed Surgery in ENT.

DR Dass got his training In Texas at Tech University El Paso in Pediatrics. Alongside the training, He received additional training and experience in Child mental health illnesses like Autism, depression, and anxiety. Dr. DASS is Professionally trained in as a Fitness Trainer By the American council of exercise. In his free time, He likes to train in fitness along with friends and coach others in fitness.  

DR. Dass also likes to do charity work in his free time and do awareness in the field of Medicine through TV channels and other media, So the right medical advice reaches ordinary people.

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