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Asthma / Allergy Care

Pediatrics for all and peds urgent care may diagnose asthma with the same tests used to identify the disease in adults. Spirometry measures how much air your child can exhale and how quickly. Pediatrics for all and peds urgent care creates a full diagnostic workup in order to pinpoint full environmental and food allergies so that you and your child have full control of his or her health.

Headaches, stuffy nose, itchy skin or difficulty breathing – any one of these conditions can be harmful to your child. But it’s possible to get relief for your child and allow them to enjoy sports and other activities. Pediatrics for all and peds urgent care helps children and young adults to breathe clearly, be pain-free, and live without fear of allergies.  Accurate testing leads to successful treatment and management of allergy and immune system conditions. Our goal is to make life better for every child and young adult who comes to pediatrics for all and pes urgent care.

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